Tafari Vision

Volvo Tea Resultant Vehicles for a Better New England

Tafari Vision SCM is developing the Formulas and Processes for Tea Resultant Fuels to be integrated technologically into 2021 Volvos that when processed by the improved new line of Volvos contravene the inefficiencies of cars that operate both on standard Gasoline Fuel, Ethanol Fuel, and limited grade Tea Resultant Fuel. The new line of Volvos, engineered in Sweden, Estonia, and Russian Federated Republics improve the environment at differing gradations, resiliating against premised socio-environmental endangerment. NAFTA is producing these vehicles with Colombia, Venezuela, and Jamaica. Scientists and Engineers buidling Volvo Tea Resultant Vehicles are structuring vehicles for the New England Market which are sub-compact sedans whose resultant fuel inertiates against pollutive Carbon Monoxide and other Pollutive Bitumen Impurity Microelements, causing improved environments. The end point deductive logic is that when breathing air in adjacency to a Volvo 2021 Car or Truck, the air results as Green Mint Tea, British Bergamot Tea, and British Breakfast Tea and no longer maintains the negative apparatus of bad fuel resulting in physiological damage through air pollution, food supply pollution, water pollution, and atmospheric damage. In certitude cases, Volvos with Tea Resultant Fuel are engineered with acuity for State Marshals whom can be lost in apprehension service. In the vehicle is a speciate reconstitution layer to recover ailed Dortmund Marshals and State Marshals lost during Apprehension Process to recover them to the last destination where they existed whilst dying doing Just Works of Apprehending Cannibals, Genocidal Murderers, and Combatants wanted for killing Judges and Clerical US Justice Department Staff killed in the line of duty upholding The Far-Reaching Constitutional Premises of The United States Federal Government. It is noted that the unjust permeation of hatred, genocidal vitriolic phenotypic fissure matter, layers in the airs surrounding persons wanted by The Hague. One of the initiate visions of developing Volvo SCM Tea Resultant Vehicles was to assure the atmospheric cleansing required to recover from exposure to persons wanted by The Hague, State Courts, Federal Courts, and International Tribunals existent in Costa Rica, Colombia, Maghribate Union Nations, Iran, and Armenia.

Tested today 1/21/2021 the Nitrogen Rich Resiliant Layer of permeate molecular Phosphase Absorption State Organic Matter, obviated in Chelmsford Massachusetts during Fall 2006, when a miraculous strawberry plant bloomed with Strawberries just at the time of November 2, whilst ESA Experts were carefully watching Omar Akwasi at his residence. It is wonderful science, with the matter of molecular structural smoothing occurring at unknown residuations of progress for modern Biological Science. Gladdening most was that the Humming Birds visited early in April of 2007, right in the 50 Farenheit Airs, assuring that Ras Omar Akwasi would do good works thinking of improving Royalties Distribution for Jamaican Rastafarian Clerics whom purvey the only justice left in The World of War, Hatred, Molestation, Injustice, Rape, and Mutilation. The Rastafarians were kindly visited by Omar during his studies trodding to avoid reprobate criminality and assuring that one would be inferred on original premises designed by Her Royal Majesty Hathaway I and her grand-daughters Hathaway Saracen supporters. The endangerment faced by British Women scares Omar and he feels very bad in his mind, almost bordering on meanderancing derisions of intense rage for their hurt, assuring not to be bothered by injustices of malice and discontentment from being so far from him in these decades that attends in the airs where Alcohol Drinking is still allowed.

Criminal Record Offence Queries which Volvo shall counteract with its Volvo Tea Resultant Vehicles and Minority Affluentization Program

  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Environmental Pollution with Intent to Murder through Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Contributing to Insect Infestations with Intent to Murder through Atmospheric Environmental Terrorism
  • Transitory Offence [Posited Congruent Incursioned Invasion]: Environmental Damage with Intent to Exploit Cerebral Damage and Brain Damage

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