Tafari Vision

Recompensatory Planting of Tea, Acacia, Conifers, and other Biodviersity Specimen in African Union

According to German Polizei, Africa requires an Investment Hub of Japanese German Standards. The invasion of Africa by criminals is worse than the Genocide of Kosovo, in which President Biden pledged to end into Eventuation with the Success of African Union and North African Jamariyah Nations where Tafari Vision occupies through Stationment.

Tafari Vision must use Absorptive Refraction Economic Sphering Technology to counteact the aftereffects of Economic Slavery. The Economic Theories of Kwame Nkrumah and Kenyatta must be studied to integrate with Economic Theory of Tafari, a known Charities Warrior whom fought against Prostitution and Hatred through Charitable War.

Objectives of African Congress for Integral Development Inc., GeoOrganics, and Mpatapo Educational Media Inc.

  • Counteract Accounting Indemnification Fraud
  • Develop Methods to Recover Africa from Inunctive Divertive Fiduciary Indemnification Fraud
  • Develop Overt Ubiquitous Methods to Counteract Variate Divertive Fraud Covertment

"Onwards to Betterment Plannings- Achieving the Objectives of King Hassan and Selassie" - Read More >>

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Methodical Societal Progress of Tafari Makonnen

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