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ICC Hague request for Classifications and Witness Statements to End Confinement Torture

ICC at The Hague charges Confinement Torturers, Unruly Police, and Officials whom commit Rape. Often times Lethal Execution is applied to persons whom violate Rome Statutes conventions.

Prisons for the World's Worst offenders are far better, almost luxury in many cases, as is the case with Manuel Noriega, and others whom scintillated South America's Economy into a Criminal Slave Racketeering Centre to annihilate every person of Latin America, The Caribbean, and South America. The International Criminal Court at The Hague has requested that prisons in The United States of America maintain better conditions for prisoners of The Drug War, which is afforded under the Rome Statutes. Prisons in Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland suffice to house offenders under better conditions and extract details from their Criminal Engineering to develop better societies.

Inculcative Imprisonment often occurs in New England, given it is a Debtor Colony of Germany and England. Persons from South America are often lured into Criminality premised on the failed Economic Development Programs of Reagan and Nixon, whom supported directly and indirectly misrule in many nations. In Libya for example, Reagan failed to implement the Moralist and Ethical Society envisioned by Muammar Qadafi in his People's Democratic Sharia Councils. Of the programs maintained, Qadafi, now operating to control Libya from confinement both in Venezuela and Germany, has opportuned to continue his benign programs to prevent Criminality, including Planting the Sahara Desert and allowing the Female Sharia Councils to control the nation.

"Onwards to Betterment Plannings- Achieving the Objectives of King Hassan and Selassie" - Read More >>

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