Tafari Vision

Rastafarians Plant Algerian, Moroccan, Libyan, and Tunisian Sahara Desert

Tafari Vision SCM is organizing to Replant the Sahara Desert in Maghribate Union Nations and taking into consideration that Rastafarians smoke Hashish and can improve their lives through Conservative Instruction to non-violence, non-incitement, non-racketeering, and Legal Lives working for The State of Massachusetts as Teachers, Scientistis, Engineering Educators, Promulgants of Hague Statutes Adherence, and Professors of Rastafarian structured Black Islamic History. The Conservatives of Algerian Royalty and Maroc Royalty knew this and considered the importance of counteracting Desertification and processes of Environmental Decay. Often times when Rastafarians are targeted by Wicked Babylon they must grow Tobacco and Tea in the deserts of Algeria and mountains of Atlas in Maroc. The seeds from Spain are good.

United Nations Envoys are working with Rastafarians in Algeria, Morocco and the Northern Portions of Mauritania with bases at the formerly divided state of Western Sahara Morocco and Kingdom of Maroc.

King Hassan has requested Rastafarians work in a non-violent effort to regain Sovereignty for Morocco in Western Sahara and to plant each acre of Western Sahara Polisario to improve the Ancient Races of Integrate Blacks whom are in dire need of Agricultural Produce from Jamaica, including Fruits, English Language Educational Materials, and any societal improvement ware which can be donated to the poverty stricken villages in the belts of the desert expanse.

Volvo SCM is working to improve the lives of Moroccans and Rastas using Economically Efficient Development of Tea Resultant Fueled Vehicles operating with a mix of Ethanol and Tea Fuel, which improves Air Quality to reduce Environmental Impact of Carbon Monoxide and other Bitumen Resultant Pollutants. Muamar Qadafi, now in housing to discuss issues of Slavery Racketeering Warfare in Libya which still is causing issues for his Democratic Regime has chosen his nephew, Ras Kwasi, of Mpatapo Educational Media Inc. to classify Charges against persons whom enslaved Libyans, Algerians, Moroccans, Syrians, Jordanians, and others of Occident. The charges are listed here. Rastas are expected to help North Africa by dispromoting abuse of Arab Women, and congruent support of disenslavement of Mauritanians, and counteract other forms of Liberian Warfare known in Ancient Ghana and Black Africa. The Rastas of Libya, Tunisia and Southern Europe, with provisional authorities assigned by King Hassan, can help Algeria, the most expansive Northern African Nation survive the onset of starvation. Women are often victims, layered into Chattel Concubinage, and we ask Rastafarians return to their role as The Kings in The Desert Expanses and Rain Forest Jungles to help the environment so women and their families in the Matrilineal Society of Akan can logistically move freely to obtain water, food, economic opportunity, and other Freedoms availed in modern equity based societies. The digressions of Akan Slavery affect all people and the Slave Racketeering of Ghana's Slave Coasts caused peonage worldwide.

Rastas, by way of Liberia, were served Primate Medicine and Reptilian Incitement Nerve Agents in their Marijuana Seeds and Marijuana Consumate, to alter their behavior to make them unwise, violent, or extremely sexualized, speciated to cause Criminal Retardation, Intense Paranoia and Racketeering Hording Disorder to ruin society and a chance for Peace. Disorders of Embezzlement and Pilferage are often caused by Tse Tse Fly Infected Consumed Meat, such as Cows, Fish, Chicken, and other normal meats, and Marijuana sourced in regions where States are not allowed to cultivate Genetically Advanced Marijuana. CDC Maghribate Union is studying this and developing Spices, Foods, and Medicines to work against this Act of Atrocity to humankind afflicted by Charles Taylor's Poison Wars, including Rastafari and his Peace Making Factions, and populations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Staying out of Ghana would be good for the Rastas, given our chief enemies reside directly in Diamond Trading Bourses within Sierra Leone and Liberia, cronies of the Worst Holocaust Known to Mankind. Poor Persons in Sierra Leone and Liberia often hate Rastafarians and despise our Kingly Characters as workers of betterment, educated in Advanced English and not having the speech disorders of the Criminallly Retarded persons whom enslaved us, genetically with conditions of Oppression and War Crimes.

Frisco Kid of Gold Moor Sound document Offences of Babylon System:

  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Intrusionary Premisement with Intent to Exploit Child Slavery to Promote Abuse of Children Worldwide
  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Insect Infestations with Intent to Infect
  • Transitory Offence [Posited Congruent Incursioned Invasion]: Separation between Executive Branch and Military
  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Separation between Executive Branch of Rastafari with Judicary DIA Asset Base [Misadjudicate Derision]
  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Non-Integration between Church and State
  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Inaction to Prevent War

"Onwards to Betterment Plannings- Achieving the Objectives of King Hassan and Selassie" - Read More >>

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